Achieve Work-Life Alignment:
Business Without Burnout

Embrace wellness with Dr. Lakila Bowden’s expertise. Gain invaluable insights from an experienced leader on balancing high-performance with personal well-being.

What to Expect

Keynote Sessions for Women in Business

The path to career success doesn’t have to come at a cost of your health and personal happiness.
Through my speaking engagements, I’ve helped countless women navigate their careers while maintaining robust mental health.
I’m committed to helping you achieve balance and success in your career.

Teach a woman to fish and the village will eat for generations to come.

— Dr. Lakila Bowden

Interactive Workshops

Engage in dynamic exercises that bring learning to life, ensuring you remember and apply these valuable lessons.

Burnout Prevention

Learn key strategies necessary to identify and prevent burnout, keeping your work passion and energy levels high.

Work-Life Balance

Discover strategies to manage your career and personal life, ensuring a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with like-minded professionals, expand your network and open doors to new opportunities and support.

Client Reflections

I definitely felt more empowered after the session. Lakila is fun and authentic and knows how to engage the crowd. Her storytelling ability gives you exclusive access to her book called life and I absolutely love it.
Sydney Towns
Harper Business Solutions
I would describe Dr. Bowden as warm, sincere, witty in the capacity of maintaining our engagement, and on target with her speaking topic.
Nelle Ellis
Avra Kehdabra Market
Her session had great impact. She speaks and presents very well and keeps engagement high! The fact that she gets the audience involved and seeks to help people makes all the difference. I can't wait to hear her present and speak again!
Candice Mays
University of Georgia Small Business Development Center
Lakila is an engaging speaker. She becomes one with her audience transforming her workshop from a training session to a life experience of change.
Natina Hill
Founder of Penhaus Media
I can describe Lakila as the type of speaker that is motivational and she will certainly leave a lasting impression ... Throughout her presentation, she addressed critical issues and challenges and shared some great stories, which made her message so relevant. She spoke directly to the heart of what many of us were feeling and provided us with a clear path forward, leaving us motivated and ready to take action. I highly recommend Lakila and I look forward to inviting her back to WEOP to speak words of wisdom to our community of women. Her ability to engage and connect with the audience, combined with her expertise in the subject matter, makes her a truly invaluable resource. She is a breath of fresh air, hope and empowerment that will undoubtedly bring immense value to all participants.
Antionette Ball
Women's Entrepreneurial Opportunity Project


Dr. Lakila Bowden - Bridging the Gap Between High Achievement and Personal Health

Dr. Lakila Bowden, the esteemed founder and Chief Operations Officer of iSee Technologies, is not just a corporate leader but a beacon in managing workplace stress and anxiety.

Dr. Lakila Bowden, COO of iSee Technologies and a noted authority in managing workplace stress, brings a wealth of experience to her keynote speaking engagements.

Celebrated for her leadership in guiding large teams and recognized in publications like Authority Magazine and Black Enterprise Magazine, Dr. Bowden offers invaluable insights into achieving ‘Business without Burnout.’

Her academic credentials, including an MBA from Emory University and an honorary doctorate in Humanitarianism, bolster her practical strategies for balancing demanding careers with personal well-being.

Engaging Dr. Bowden as a speaker is an investment in the mental wellness and effectiveness of your workforce. She uniquely combines her corporate expertise with personal experiences as a new mother and world traveler, enriching her approach to work-life balance.

Her sessions are not just informative but transformative, empowering professionals to excel in high-stress environments while maintaining personal health and happiness. Dr. Bowden is a catalyst for change, inspiring your team to create a more productive, balanced professional environment.

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